Elvis Santana
Headline news
Mixed media (acrylic,collage,chalk,etc) on canvas
68 x 45
Piece was done during my college years. This was a period where I really began to question many aspects of my life. This has always been one of, if not the, favorite painting of mine. There’s so much in there from a period in my life where I questioned everything. The colors, I feel, really work well together to tie in the piece and not let all the individual elements become a distraction. I always think “frustration” when I see it. Lol.

We had a great studio atmosphere with some very talented artists. Rossana Pinero Weksler, Carol Kruize, and Their Peraza were all fantastic talents. Everybody did a great job of bouncing off each other and we did a great amount of experimentation with technique, styles, and materials. Marilyn Gottlieb Roberts and Amy Cappellazzo did a fantastic job as well a giving us advice and helping to mold our young careers. It really was a fantastic environment.

**This piece was signed on the back as well as tagged with tomeonerock
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