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Four Sunflowers
Four Sunflowers
Acrylic on Cardboard
20 1/2" x 31"

Four Sunflowers was a painting I did a three years ago that I'm very happy with for several reasons. It started during a particularly hard week at work that kept me away from home for most of the time during a stretch of a couple of days. During that time I would get home late and stack up the package boxes from #amazon and the #junkmail because the trash was locked by the time I got home. This was around the holiday season in 2018.

I realized just how much cardboard and paper we get daily and how much goes to waste and how there had to be a better use for it all. So I decided to turn an old Amazon box into art and hopefully give it a second life. My daughter was showing her own love for the arts and I kept reflecting on her own future and the importance of #recycling , #upcycling and #reusing day to day things to give them a second life, keep them out of landfills, create a better future and hopefully bring some joy to others along the way with our creation.

Her and I worked side by side a lot of times while I created this and it was a great bonding experience for us. As we got near the end of it we decided we would give this away to one of our fans and she helped me with a series of social media posts and videos. I'm glad it went to m1am1canes and @lissyc10 and their beautiful daughter after a week long social media giveaway.

The piece ended up being 20½” x 31 and was acrylic on cardboard.

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