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Sunflower Sunset
Sunflower Sunset
Acrylic on Paper
4" x 6"

Sunflower Sunset is a simple painting of a sunflower on recycled paper.
I tend to paint sunflowers often because so many people love them and because, to me, it take me back to planting them with my grandmother in the front yard. Much of my love for plants and gardening came from both my grandmothers who loved plants.
This piece was created on a recycled piece of paper. Day after day I would receive junk mail or open a purchased item to find tons and tons of product registrations, certificates, etc. For years I have been throwing them in the trash where I'm sure it ended up in a landfill or worse. Once I became a dad, I started to think about the future and the world we are leaving behind for our children and future generations. From there I started to change the way I lived my life. My first steps were to change the way I lived my life and lessen my footprint. I started by planting trees in my home, helping friends to do the same, go to park and beach clean ups, increasing my energy efficiency and small changes like these.
Then there was the junk mail and the birth of this project. Rather than let all this junk mail go to waste, I started to create small drawings and paintings to take all this junk mail out of landfills and hopefully into someone’s home. Each “recyclart” piece is made to be given away for free and hopefully bring happiness and joy to someones life.